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Canine Massage & Bodywork Therapy

We're Internationally Recognized, Board Certified Canine Bodywork Practitioners.


Professional massage and bodywork therapy is an important element of a complete wellness program. Our goal is to enhance the overall well-being, quality of life and comfort that your pet deserves.

Your pet will benefit from our therapy services if he/she experiences any of the following:

Arthritis - Inflammation - Soft Tissue Injury - Luxating Patella - Muscle Compensations - Stroke - IVDD

Old Age - Amputation - Nerve Compression - Hip Dysplasia - Anxiety - Stress - Fear - Limping

Pricing (Packages are available)

Each session is by appointment and tailored to your pet’s individual

needs. Sessions are approximately 45 minutes.

Prices listed are baseline (starting) prices and are subject to change. Special needs, puppies and unfixed pets may incur extra fees.

At our office- $55
Half session- $25
In your home- $70
+Travel fee may apply for home visits

Forever Dog Package- $594
12 in-office full massages. (10% savings!) Expires 1 year from purchase.

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